The elusive art of bookstagramming

“Whoever said being a bookstagrammer is easy didn’t know s***”

I came across the hashtag Bookstagram only a few months back. At first sight, I was mesmerized by the pretty pictures. The book lover in me could spend hours ogling at the arrangement of books in pretty backdrops.

Don’t understand what I mean? Just check these out!

My favorite Bookstagrammers

My own experience

And when I tried maintaining my own account? Oh good Lord – it sure ain’t easy! Who thought taking pictures of a book in a pretty setting could be so challenging!

For starters, I don’t have many hard cover books here in Hyderabad (most of them are back home). I mostly use my Kindle. Secondly, no backdrop I found could beat the magic of a natural setting. Thirdly, most of my pictures looked but much better in my mind and less in reality!

However, I persevered. And finally, I managed to click a few decent pictures. Mind you, I still have a long way to go before I get half as good as these people. But it’s a start.

Some of the pics I took back then:

Here are some of my recent clicks:


Are you a bookstagrammer too? How has your experience been at the start? I’d love to know! Let’s connect! Add me at @sonamchamaria.


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